Cyber image in the media

9 Wan Mai (A New Day) Television Program

4 March 1999
TV Channel 9

9 wan mai programThis popular Channel 9 TV morning program featured a show about the Internet website and digital media design industry in Thailand. Many different companies from digital media design specialists and multi-national advertising agencies to complete solution providers and freelance graphic designers are rushing to join the new media generation. Pitinon Poonsaengsathit, Managing Director of Cyberimage, and Dr. Kanokwan Wongwatanasin, President of Internet KSC, were invited to discuss about the various kinds of services that are available, contrasting methods of doing business, misconceptions of Internet advertising, and offer insights into the future of this industry.

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Quicktime Video (in Thai)
Real Video (in Thai)
RealVideo (in Thai)


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