Web Site Design
The first step in our development process is devising a concept for the web site based on the client's image, nature of the business and other set objectives. The visual aspects of a web site such as the layout, graphics and pictures are then created to reflect this idea. Other facets of the operation include organizing the information flow and fashioning a user-friendly interface.

Technical concerns are also taken into consideration to assure that the web site is compatible with the widest range of computer platforms, screen sizes, and color depths. Not to be neglected is the size of the graphics files, which greatly affects the download time.

Our team of digital media designers is skilled at creating the right elements required for the project. Their specialties include eye-catching animation, streaming video and audio, three-dimensional models, exciting motion graphics, and immersive images.

Database Integration
The Internet is growing at a rapid pace. Together with our international partners, our never-ending research and development programs yields the most cutting edge technology for our clients. Working with existing or custom designed databases, we develop Internet and Intranet applications that include product catalogs, inventory systems, smart search engines, and secured electronic commerce storefronts.

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