Immersive imaging is the award-winning technology that lets users experience 3D photographic scenes at if they were really there. Cyberimage is a leader in immersive imaging with extensive experiences in photography and post-production techniques. Our portfolio includes over 80 nodes in 30 locations throughout Thailand and the United States. There are 2 types of immersive images - panoramas and objects.


Panorama movies are 360 degree views that allow users to look up and down, turn around, zoom in to see the detail, or zoom out for a broader view. As users change the view of a scene the correct perspective is maintained, giving the ability to look around just like in real life. Panorama movies can be used to provide realistic views of real estate, outdoor scenes, and hotel resorts.


Object movies allow users to "pick up" and view an item from all sides. Uses for object movies include consumer products, fashion, and automobiles.

The only way to understand immersive images is to experience it for yourself. There are several formats available of which QuickTimeVR is the most popular. To view QuickTime VR files on the Internet all you need is Apple's QuickTime Plug-in. This comes with Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer or can be downloaded free from Apple's QuickTime site. Both Macintosh and Windows versions are available.

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