Quick Time 3

Turbocharge the multimedia capabilities of your Mac or PC with QuickTime 3. QuickTime is the core multimedia technology used in Internet web sites, interactive CD-ROMs and DVD titles. It's what entertainment giants like Fox Interactive, Disney and Pixar use to deliver digital video. QuickTime adds over 175 digital media capabilities and components to your Mac or PC for free!

Cyberimage recognizes QuickTime as the industry standard for multimedia on and off the Internet and fully support its various formats for streaming video and audio as well as cutting edge immersive imaging. If you had to choose just one plug-in to add to your web browser's capabilities, QuickTime would be the obvious choice.


In addition to supporting digital video formats like MOV, AVI, AVR, DV and OpenDML, QuickTime 3 features video compressors and decompressors that make streaming video a reality-even with dial-up Internet access at pokey modem speeds. Along with Cinepak and the H.263 compressor, QuickTime 3 includes state-of-the-art Sorenson Video, which delivers the highest possible video quality while maintaining the smallest possible file size.

Immersive Imaging

QuickTime VR is the first and leading immersive imaging format for panoramas and objects. Its many compression and interactive options make it the choice of digital media professionals.


For audiophiles, QuickTime 3 supports everything from Qualcomm's PureVoice technology to the QDesign Music Compressor (which can reduce one minute of CD-quality audio from an 11MB file to a 150K file that delivers full-bandwidth, 16-bit, 44.1kHz stereo in real time over a 28.8kbps connection).


Perhaps best of all, QuickTime 3 isn't a memory hog. QuickTime's modular architecture is designed for peak efficiency-each QuickTime 3 component is loaded into memory only when it is needed. That's just the kind of smart attribute that defines an industry standard (otherwise known as "the way things ought to be").

Download Quicktime 3.0 Download Quicktime 3.0

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